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Grinding and Crushing Component Hardfacing and Rebuilds

Why throw away your grinding / crushing components when they can be rebuilt and last longer than new!

Cladtec (Division of SAS Global Corporation) specializes in the rebuild / overlay of crusher rolls, grinding tables, roll, and tires in Raw and Coal Mills of all types.

Mill Grinding Rolls and Tires

During scheduled maintenance periods worn tires are removed and usually replaced with new Ni-Hard tires/rolls from the OEM. Cladtec offers a different approach or solution by rebuilding the old tires / rolls utilizing Chromium Carbide Hardfacing. There are definite advantages to utilizing rebuilt tires. Typically, a worn Ni-Hard tire might have three inches of material replaced. Using Cladtecs Premium CT-28 hardfacing to replace this material would give you twice the life. On the next scheduled maintenance only one and one half inches would have to be replaced. Half the material equals half the cost. In two maintenance periods you would have nearly 100% savings! A great savings for a piece of equipment that was on its way to the scrap yard.

Mill Grinding Tables

Replacing the grinding segments in a Mill table is costly and labor intensive job. Cladtec offers an economical solution - rebuild. Using the latest in automated overlay equipment to repair segments, fill in severely worn areas and build the bowl up tothe originalprofile specifications. This is done without the need to remove the Mill Bottom. Cladtec uses our specially formulated CT-28 Series wire. As deposited it yields 28 to 32% Chromium with 5 to 6% Carbon. The carbide development results in double the life of OEM cast segments.

Roller Press Rolls

Cladtec offers rebuilds and hardfacing for your roller press rolls. Once rebuilt and hardfaced with CT-28 your roll will last longer than new.

Clinker Grinder Rotor Rebuilds

Cladtec offers complete rebuilds and hardfacing for your rotors. 

SA1750CR Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay

One of Cladtec’s primary operations is to provide restoration of worn surfaces of hardened materials using a proprietary welding material specifically developed for this use. A number of different materials have been developed so that we can provide surfaces that are ideal for the type of material and abrasion encountered.

Key Features of CT-28:

  • Metal-cored Wire
  • Can be fedthrough automatic or semi-automatic welding equipment
  • Weld deposit contains multiple carbide structures
  • Resulting ironbased deposit is an austenitic matrix with a hardness of 58-62 RC
  • As-welded surface provides a minimum of 50% greater life than the original O.E.M. part
  • G65 test results show a weight loss of 0.14 grams for CT-28 and 0.11 grams for CT-28M
  • Many materials can be restored that are not considered weldable by ordinary means

CT-28 Carbon / Chromium Content

CT-28 Micrograph

CT-28M Micrograph