SAS Metallurgical Laboratory

SAS Global Corporation produces consistent quality utilizing ISO standards to manage tight control over all phases used in the manufacturing process on all of the SureAlloy® products.

SAS designs and blends all the alloy powders used to produce SureAlloy® plate. Additionally, SAS manufactures the special equipment used to produce our products. This combination allows us to produce Premium Carbide Overlay plates with unmatched physical properties. For example, SA1750CR is being used in applications where other brands of Chromium carbide plates have failed by delamination due to impact loading stress.

All SAS SureAlloyTMCarbide chemistry formulas are blended and tested before being put into production.

Each plate is visually inspected for quality and manually checked for flatness. Each production run of plate is tested for final chemistry, hardness and microstructure in our in-house Metallurgical / Quality Assurance Laboratory.