SAS Hardfacing and Joining Weld Rods and Wires

Weld Rod and Wire   (• Spool 25# each / •• Spool 30# each / Stick electrodes sold in 10# increments)

Weld rod and wire are available for field use. Installation gaps can be filled and high wear areas can be built up or repaired. A variety of alloy combinations are available to suit your needs. Please consult your SAS Global representative for more information.

SA1750CR - 1/8" dia. / 5/32" dia.

For hardfacing to counteract extremely severe abrasive operating conditions. Good for low to medium impact. Good corrosion resistance. Good high temp. (up to 1100˚ F) abrasion resistance.

SA1750CROP - 1/16" dia. / .045" dia. •

Ideal for hard-to-reach and out-of-position build-up. This is an extra high carbon chromium carbide overlay designed for abrasion and abrasion with mild impact. Multiple layers will provide hardness of 55-62 HRc.

SA100NMC - 1/8" dia. / 5/32" dia. / 3/16" dia. / .045" dia.••

For welds joining dissimilar steels - steels that are difficult to weld such as austenitic manganese steel. Good for wear and corrosion resistant build-ups. Used for buffer layers in hardfacing. Use flux cored wire for impact service build-up.

SA550MN - 1/8" dia. / 5/32" dia. / 3/16" dia. / 1/4" dia. •

For joining and building up parts subject to extreme shock, impact and abrasion. Extreme resistance to hot cracking where contraction strain cannot be relieved. Use flux cored wire for build-ups on austenitic manganese steel parts subject to heavy pressure and impact wear.