Cement Industry: Crusher Components and Rebuilds

Included in the Cladtec performance products are long life crusher hammers, rotors, and screens. Cladtec’s hammers are cast from a variety of high strength steel alloys to meet your specific needs. This provides toughness and a significant increase in hammer service life. Cladtec will be happy to add overlay in the high wear areas to provide additional durability. Cladtec offers a wide selection of hard surfacing alloys for specific applications.

Some of the Premium SAS Global material options available:

SA2100 Premium Concentrated Complex Carbide Overlay Plate

SA2000 Premium Complex Carbide Overlay Plate

           •SA1800CR Premium Concentrated Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

SA1750CR Premium Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate

RapidFlow Premium Carbide Overlay Plate

•Vanguard Alloy Wear Plate (460/540 HB) Through Hardened

•SA400 Alloy Wear Plate (360/440 HB) Through Hardened

•Cast Loaf Liners

SAS Global also offers complete crusher rebuilds / hardfacing.